Koresh Kids Dance Photo/Video Release Form

Dear Parent or Guardian,

This year your child has the opportunity to take dance class at his or her school through Koresh Kids Dance program. This program, provided by Koresh Dance Company in Center City Philadelphia, has been in Philadelphia public schools for eight years.

Each year a professional videographer employed by Koresh Dance Company may film some dance classes and will film the final performance to create a mini documentary of the year.

Please sign the below form to give permission for your child to participate in the videography.

Thank you,


Koresh Kids Dance Director, Koresh Dance Company

From (Parent/Guardian Name) *
From (Parent/Guardian Name)
Student Name
Student Name
Legal Guardian Name
Legal Guardian Name
Koresh Dance Company is hereby granted the right, without further consideration or compensation, to use all photographs, videos, and/or recordings of my child (including reproductions or copies thereof or likenesses based upon), in connection with their marketing, advertising or promotional programs, and the right to copyright the same, in perpetuity. I release Koresh Dance Company from any and all liability arising out of the exercise of the rights hereby granted. *