Koresh Kids Dance

Teacher training apprenticeship! 

Koresh Dance Company is a 501©3 non-profit dance organization in Philadelphia, PA. It is the mission of Koresh dance to enrich the cultural landscape and artistic reputation of Philadelphia. We serve our mission through three program areas; performance, education and community outreach. 

For the past twelve years Koresh Kids Dance has provided rigorous, long-term weekly creative dance instruction to students in Philadelphia public schools. These classes are rooted in student centered learning in order to create a safe space for children to learn to dance, create dance, and to bridge dance with life skills. These life skills include self-confidence, discipline, respect and healthy self-expression. This program culminates with a performance at the end of the year that cultivates teamwork, leadership skills, and the sense of accomplishment.



  • Applicants should have a BA or BFA or higher education in Dance or Dance Education

  •   Applicants must be motivated to teach, interested in working in Philadelphia Public Schools, and committed to the full year (October-June) 

  •   Applicants should desire to facilitate the students as artists and have a willingness to teach with a student centered learning philosophy 

  • Preference will be given to applicants who have teaching experience in community dance settings 


Responsibilities include:

·         Assist 2 dance classes for 3-5 grade students beginning the week of October 15th and culminating in early June. Classes will be during the school day (8:30 AM-3 PM), exact day and time TBD

·         Assist the program director for several classes and gradually take over responsibilities of the classes as the year progresses 

·         Learn the Koresh Kids Dance Classroom Model and implement it in to each lesson

·         Develop lessons that are based in creative dance concepts

·         Help to develop a classroom environment that is safe for creating dance 

·         Facilitate the development of students’ as artists, choreographers, and dancers

·         Observe classes happening throughout the city two times in the year

·         Assist the program director in developing a final end of the year performance 


If interested please send resume, cover letter, and 3 references to: