Open House Block Party!

Saturday, September 14

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classes Upstairs (Baker studio)

10:15-11am – Stretch & Strengthen Kevan Sullivan (Ages 16+) 

11:00-12:30 pm Int. Ballet Eva Szabo (Ages 16+)

12:30-2:00pm Beg. Ballet Eva Szabo (Ages 16+)

2-3:30pm- Ballet 4 Eva Szabo (Ages 14-18) 

3:30-4:30pm- Pointe 2 Eva Szabo (Ages 14-18)  

4:30-5:30pm Ballet Fallon Gannon (Ages 8-12) 

5:30-6:30pm Modern Jazz Gary Jeter (Ages 13-18) 

Classes downstairs (david cooper blackbox)

10:15-11am Creative Dance Courtney Conigatti (Ages 4-5) 

11am-12:30pm Adv Modern Jazz Roni Koresh (Ages 16+)  

12:30-2:00pm Beg./Int. Modern Jazz Kevan Sullivan (Ages 16+)

2:00pm-3:30pm Beg. Hip Hop Tyger B (Ages 16+)

3:45-4:45pm Hip Hop TBD (Ages 13-18) 

4:45-5:30pm Pre Hip Hop TBD (Ages 5-7) 

5:30-6:30pm Salsa TBD (Ages 16+)  

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***ADULT Classes***

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Photo Release:

I grant permission to the Koresh School of Dance to videotape and photograph the Open House Classes at the Koresh Dance Center. (If needed) I also grant permission for this class to be telecast on the public access channels without further clearance from me.

I also authorize the reproduction and non-commercial distribution of these videos and photos for marketing purposes.

I release Koresh Dance Company from any privacy, defamation or other claims we may have arising out of photographing/videotaping or promotion of these classes
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// adult classes //

10:15-11 am Stretch and Strengthen Kevan Sullivan: 60-minute class that will focus on deep stretching to increase flexibility and conditioning exercises to strengthen your body. This class is perfect for dancers and those who enjoy the benefits of having a healthy body!

11-12:30 Advanced Modern Jazz Roni Koresh- Pre-professional and professional dancers with an extensive background in dance training will benefit from this Modern class- the style KDC is known for!

11:30-12:3o pm Int. Ballet Eva Szabo- Dancers with previous training will enjoy the transition into an intermediate level class! Students will progress at a quick yet comfortable pace.

12:30-2:00pm Beg. Ballet Eva Szabo- This class is designed for novice dancers or students who have not danced for many years. Join us to begin dancing again, or to begin your dance training!

12:30-2:00pm Beg./Int. Modern Jazz Kevan Sullivan- This class is designed for both experienced dancers as well as dancers who are just beginning their dance journey! Improve upon technique, strength and flexibility, complete with a combination to end class.

2:00pm-3:30pm Beg. Hip Hop Tyger B- Begin your Hip-Hop journey with Tyger B’s incredible class! Both novice and experienced Hip Hop dancers are encouraged to attend.

5:30-6:30pm Salsa with Tyger B! Whether you’re new to salsa dancing or have danced this style before, you won’t want to miss this unique and fun class!

// children’s classes //

10:15-11am DOWNSTAIRS Creative Dance Courtney Conigatti (Ages 4-5) This fantastic class places emphasis on your child finding their own creativity and movement skills, while also introducing basic ballet vocabulary. It is an amazing introduction to the world of dance!

2-3:30 UPSTAIRS Ballet 4 Eva Szabo- Experienced ballet dancers will love this class- continue your training with Koresh!

3:30-4:30pm UPSTAIRS- Pointe 2 Eva Szabo (Ages 14-18)- Experienced ballet dancers will continue technique training with pointe shoes, utilizing and improving pointe technique.

3:45-4:45pm Hip Hop TBD (Ages 13-18) Come join us for our hip-hop class! Whether you have taken hip-hop before or it's your first time, you won't want to miss this fantastic form of street-dance.

3:45-4:30pm DOWNSTAIRS Pre Hip Hop (Ages 5-7)- Join us for our youth hip-hop class! This class is perfect if your child wants to start learning this fun, stylish, and developing art form. It's a ton of fun and a great workout!

4:30-5:30pm UPSTAIRS Ballet (Ages 8-12)- This class will introduce and refine your child’s Ballet technique while enhancing their balance, flexibility, and fundamental core dance training.

4:30-5:30pm DOWNSTAIRS Hip Hop (Ages 13-18)- Come join us for our hip-hop class! Whether you have taken hip-hop before or it's your first time, you won't want to miss this fantastic form of street-dance.

5:30-6:30pm UPSTAIRS Modern Jazz (Ages 13-18)- An incredible combination of ballet, jazz, and contemporary movement, Koresh Dance Company is known for its unique and beautiful modern style. You won't want to miss this class!