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Beginner Salsa Workshop- 4 week series

This workshop series is designed to give students a strong foundation, including the fundamentals of leading and following, salsa footwork, and simple patterns in a fun and judgement-free environment.

$100 for the series

Must enroll in full 4-week workshop, individual drop-ins are not permitted. Absences are allowed if necessary, but we do not pro-rate for the workshop series. You can register online, in studio, or over the phone. 

***You do not need a partner to participate in this series. All are welcome- No experience necessary***

Class Schedule


10-11:30am          Int./Adv. Ballet with Fang

6-7:30pm            Beg. Modern Jazz with Greg

6-7:30pm            Int. Modern Jazz with Melissa

7:30-9pm            Beg. Ballet with Fang

7:30-9pm            Beg./Int Hip Hop with Sammy 


10:15-11:45am     Int./Adv. Ballet with Eva 

6-7:30pm           Intro to Ballet with Fang

6-7:30pm            Int. Modern Jazz with Melissa 

7:30-9pm            Beg./Int. Ballet  with Fang

7:30-9pm            Beg./Int. Commercial Hip Hop with Chellie Fig


10:15-11:45am     Int./Adv. Ballet with Eva

6-7:30pm            Intro to Ballet with Eva 

6-7:30pm            Adv. Modern Jazz with Roni

7:30-8:30pm       Beg. Pointe  with Eva

7:30-9pm            Beg. Hip Hop with Tyger B


10-11:30am         Int./Adv. Ballet with Fang 

6-7:30pm           Beginner Ballet with Gary 

6-7:30pm            Adv. Modern Jazz with Roni 

7:30-9pm            Beg. Modern Jazz  with Gary 

7:30-9pm            Beg./Int. Commercial Hip Hop with Chellie Fig


10:15-11:45am     Int./Adv. Ballet with Eva

6-7:30pm            Beg. Ballet with Eva 

6:30-8pm            Beg. Hip Hop with Sammy 


11-12:30pm          Int. Ballet with Eva

12:30-2pm           Beg./Int. Modern Jazz with Kevan

12:30-2pm           Beg. Ballet with Eva 

2-3:30pm            Beg. Hip Hop with Tyger B


11-12:30pm          Beg./Int. Modern Jazz with Gary

11:30-12:30pm     Stretch & Strengthen with Kevan

1-2:30pm             Beg. Ballet with Gary

2-3:30pm             Intro to Hip Hop with Ryan 

>>Calendar below only reflects updated subs and school closures! Please see above for full class schedule.


>> Thanksgiving Thursday Nov 28 – Friday Nov 29

>> Christmas Tuesday Dec 24 – Wednesday Dec 25

Secure your spot in class via the MindBody App. Classes cap at 40 students. 10-minute grace period for late-comers. 


Single Class: $15 (expires in 8 days)

10 Class Card: $140 (expires in 3 months)

20 Class Card: $260 (expires in 6 months)


Student and Professional Dancers/Equity

Redeemable only with valid ID

Single Class: $14 (expires in 8 days)

10 Class Card: $130 (expires in 3 months)

20 Class Card: $240 (expires in 6 months)

Expired classes can be redeemed for an additional $7 charge per class

>>To pay in person

Cash accepted. Credit/Debit cards accepted ($25 min, no American Express). We do not accept checks. 

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