Adult Classes


Since 1993, the Koresh School of Dance has offered adult drop-in dance classes. Our studio boasts four spring-floor dance studios, large dressing rooms and showers, and classes held seven days a week.

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Looking for a dance studio where you can train or try out multiple styles? We offer more than 35 adult classes for a wide variety of levels and movement instruction, including Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, and Hip Hop. Our instructors are widely regarded as some of the best in the city.

All classes are drop-in so you can join at anytime. There are no registration fees or minimum classes—take as many or few as you like.

Policies & Important information



The Koresh School of Dance will be closed for classes on the following days:

Tuesday evening Sept 18 (6pm) through Wednesday Sept 19 (all day)—CLOSED for Yom Kippur



  • You must sign in and pay before entering a class.

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for a class, you will not be permitted inside the studio.

  • Please do not enter the studio until 30 minutes beforehand and leave the space promptly after class.

  • No food or drink is permitted inside the studios except water.

  • The use of rosin is not permitted in either studio.

  • Cell phones and any other devices that beep or ring must be turned off during class.

  • Koresh Dance Company reserves the right to deny services or remove a student from class if the student:

    • Is not contributing to the learning and/or teaching environment of the class

    • Is causing a disturbance to the learning and/or teaching environment of the class

    • Is causing a disturbance to students, instructors, or business owners

    • Has not paid for services rendered

  • Expired cards can still be used; an additional $9 will be charged for each class.

  • Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced.

  • All purchases are nonrefundable.

  • Class cards are nontransferable. Classes existing on one student's account may not be applied to the account of another student.

Koresh School of Dance and its staff are not responsible for any injury that occurs while on the premises. The studio is also not responsible for any lost items. It is recommended that students do not leave valuables in the dressing room.

Please keep these policies for your information. By signing in for class, you are stating that you have read all of the above statements in their entirety, and that you understand, agree and completely support all policies and rules of the Koresh School of Dance.